Enter all of your event's competitors through the Competitors Form by choosing option '2. Enter Competitors' through the Event menu.


Perform this entry process before and during weigh ins by entering...
  1. First and last name
  2. Team if applicable, a drop down list helps you make this selection
  3. To allow Press to convert a body weight value, for example, from lb's to kilo's make sure the kilo's field is blank, and vice versa.
  4. Body weight in pounds (lb) or kilos which converts accordingly. Conversion is based on 2.2046 pounds (lb) per kilo, and each amount is rounded down to the nearest quarter for pounds and to the nearest tenth for kilos; for example, 107.5 kilos multiplied by 2.2046 equals 236.9945, but the poundage is rounded to 236.75 rather than 237.
  5. Weight class is automatically determined based on the weight you entered but you can change it if you desire
  6. Bar height and width if applicable
  7. Status - Active or Inactive (defaults to Active)
  8. Disqualified - Yes or No (defaults to No)
  9. Sex - Male or Female (defaults to Male)
  10. First attempt of each lift.
Locating a competitor can be performed by pressing the Search button with any combination of Last Name (partial is optional), Division, Weight Class, Sex, Status, and Disqualification.  Or you can just press the Search button and return all competitors.  The list is displayed in Name (Last, First) order.

To clear a previous list of competitors, go to the Utilities menu and select Purge Competitors. A double confirmation is required to avoid a serious injury.

To add a new Competitor, press the Add button.

To edit a competitor, select one from the list and press the Edit button.

To delete a competitor, select one from the list and press the Delete button.  Press 4.0 requires confirmation, and furthermore, denies this request if divisions are currently assigned; so delete those division assignments first.

Finally, to save competitor information, press the Save button; and to cancel any entry, press the Cancel button.   Of course, Press 4.0 requires confirmation during a cancel request.

After saving each competitor, assign all registered divisions by pressing the divisions button and making the selections on the Division Assignment Form.

Division Assignment

If the division is not available or there is an incorrect division entry, just make the necessary adjustments here via the add, edit, and delete buttons.

Notes can be recorded, such as career highlights, by pressing the Notes button which displays the Notes Form.

Competitor Notes