Enter all of your event's divisions through the Divisions and Weight Classes form by choosing option '1. Setup Divisions and Weight Classes' from the Event menu.  Just select the Divisions tab if it is not already selected.


This form displays the division name, standard reporting indicator, competition type, and masters indicator. 

The division information aids Press 4.0 during the Flight Identification process, and printing of the results reports.

You can now select specific divisions to appear on your standard results reports (non-bestlifter reports) just by identifying those divisions for Standard Reporting (Yes), which is the default setting as you define your divisions. Those divisions marked as "No" in turn will not appear on the standard results reports which are all results reports except for the best lifter reports.

The competition type identifies the division as either Power Meet, Squat (Single Lift), Bench (Single Lift), Deadlift (Single Lift), or Curl (Single Lift)

For those Push/Pull and Power Sports events, assign competitors to "Power Meet" divisions.

The masters indicator allows you to designate a division as masters for use when producing the Best Lifter report by division.  The report will apply the masters age coefficients for these divisions only, so if a master competitor is also competing in an open division, for example, the age coefficient will not be applied.

To add a division, press the Add button.  The Division Entry dialog will appear.


The Type field defaults to Power Meet, but you can change it by using the drop down list to any of the other types: Squat (Single Lift), Bench (Single Lift), Deadlift (Single Lift), and Curl.  Please assure that you identify each division properly.  Remember, the Flight Identification feature and results reports rely on this information.  The Status defaults to Active which makes sense.  Finally, the Name field awaits your entry.  It allows up to 40 characters so try to be descriptive.  This information will appear on the results reports.

To delete a division, just select the division from the list and press the Delete button.  Press 4.0 requires you to confirm this request, and it will not allow you to delete a division if it is currently assigned to a competitor.  Press 4.0 looks out for you.

To edit a division, just select the division from the list and press the Edit button.

Finally, press the Close button to close the form, or just leave it open and go to other features.  If other features are already open, you can retrieve those features normally via the menus, or you can return to them via the Windows menu option.