Running Your Event...

You are now ready to process each flight of the meet. Just access the Events form by choosing option '6. Run Event' through the Event menu.

Event Form

By selecting the desired competition, platform (if multiple platforms were defined), and flight # from the respective list boxes, you are on your way to executing the most successful meet of your career.

Lifters will appear in the four attempt grids (one for each attempt) depending on each lifters designated attempt weight. These grids make it convenient for the announcer to notify lifters of their position in the flight (up, on deck, in the hole, 4th, 5th, and so on). Even as the flight nears the bottom of an attempt, the top of the next attempt is available to the announcer.

The 1st attempt list is ordered in ascending order by weight attempt and then by body weight for those competitors attempting the same weight. Each subsequent attempt is also ordered in ascending order by weight attempt, but for those attempting the same weight, the order depends on the order of the previous attempt. This is where the Prepare button is necessary. Preferably at the beginning of each attempt, press the respective Prepare button above the list to allow Press 4.0 to place the competitors in the fair and correct order in the next attempt list when next attempts are given.

To make judgments and enter attempts, right click on the competitor in the appropriate attempt list and select the judgement (Good, No Lift, or None) from the Popup Menu.

Event Form

Select the Retain option to quickly retain the previous attempt if necessary. The entry is automatically saved to Press 4.0. Once a judgment is saved, the selected attempt is darkened to indicate that the attempt is complete. This will help the announcer to quickly located his or her place on the flight list. To enter current or next attempts, make the entry into the designated fields and click away when complete.

An attempt may be identified as a record by selecting Record from the popup menu on the "current" attempt list (not the next attempt list). This will present the Records form and allows you to select a record type: State, National, or World, and enter record description.

Records Form

Once a record is selected, the corresponding flight attempt entry will turn a light blue to notify the announcer; for example, when the competitor's attempt is pending, to announce the record attempt. The record selection will also appear on each results listing to the right of the lift, and the related record descriptions will appear on the right side of the page.

The competitor form may be quickly accessed by selecting Competitor from the popup menu, and notes may be entered by selecting Notes (registered Divisons are also displayed from this location as well).

Notes Form

Disqualified lifters will be identified with a "Y" in the J (Judgment) column, darkened, and unable to be edited with a judgment or attempt entry. If you wish to adjust the disqualified entry, return to the Competitors form and make the change there.

Press the Refresh button when necessary to retrieve an updated list of attempts from the database. This comes in handy when a network of computers are used to process the event, one computer for the announcer, who is also applying judgements, and one computer for the expediter collecting next attempts.

Press the Prev and Next buttons to switch flights. This becomes necessary when the event is nearing the end of a flight and the announcer needs to call competitors from the subsequent flight in order to keep the meet running in a fluid manner.

Multiple platforms can be managed in a number of ways. In one way, these platforms can be processed by switching via the Platforms list. You will see that by using this method, the state of each platform is retained as you return. In another way, a separate instance of the flight form can be opened for each platform. This is really beneficial when the typical two platform event is run. With the screen resolution set at least 1024 x 768, two flight forms can be tiled and clearly visible to process two platforms of competitors.