Flight Identification...

This form is optional and allows you to define and apply flight #'s using an organized, logical process. You may also assign individual competitors to flights by using the Competitors form.

Enter all of your event's flight information through the Flight Identification Form accessible by choosing option '3. Identify Flights' through the Event menu.

Flight Identification

Upon accessing this form, Press 4.0 will need to perform a summary calculation of all competitors according to competition; as a result, there may be a minor pause prior to displaying the form. The result of this calculation is displayed in the Summary box which includes a count of all competitors competing in the Power Meet, Squat Only, Bench Only, Deadlift Only, and Curl Only events. The Power Meet count also includes those crossing over into any one of the single lift competitions which, in turn, does not include them in the respective single lift counts. With this information, a meet director may decide to separate single lift only lifters from power meet lifters. Press 4.0 will only allow Single lift Curl and Power Meet Curl competitors to be assigned to the same flight.

To identify flights, select the flight #, Weight Class, Division, or Gender, and Competition from within the Flight Detail box and press the Insert button. Be sure to monitor the Count value next to the flight list to determine each flight count.  Once you are satisfied with the count, just select another flight # and continue.  It's just that simple.

If you wish to remove an entry, highlight it and press the Delete button. To redisplay the flight count, you must choose the Competition and Flight # from the available list boxes near the top right of the flight listing.

If a flight has been defined entirely with single lift competitors, be sure to check the Single Lift check box or the count may be inflated which may cause confusion. The count may be inflated with the cross over lifters; for example, you assign the single lift bench competitors in the 220 pound weight class to flight 3.  There happens to be 5 competitors in the 220 pound weight class registered for the single lift bench competition, but 2 of the those competitors are cross over lifters from a power meet division.  By checking the Single Lift check box, Press 4.0 will include only those single lift competitors not crossing over into a Power Meet division in the count.

Once each flight is defined, press the Apply button to post the flight numbers to the designated competitors. The flight entries defined with weight classes are applied first, then comes those defined with divisions, and finally those defined with gender.

After this process is complete and if absolutely necessary, you may reassign individual competitors to different flight numbers by returning to the Competitors form.