Flight Listing...

Print the Flight Listing by choosing option '5. Produce Flight Listings' through the Event menu, and post on the venue wall.

Flight Listing Report

It may be advisable to print an additional copy and keep supplemental records on paper as the meet is under way. This will avoid an unwanted delay in case your computer happens to be contrary. Furthermore, Press 4.0 allows you to print flight listings in any order of 1st attempt to 4th attempt to aid in running your meet. In addition to printing the normal name and weight attempt, the body weight is also displayed. If the flight sheet is printed during the meet; for example, between the 2nd and 3rd attempts, judgments and next attempts are displayed as well.

Flight Display...

Keep those in the warm up room aware of their anxiously anticipated platform appearances with the Flight Display feature. Just go to the Event menu, select option 5. Produce Flight Listings, and then choose Display. The Flight Display Setup form appears requesting a Competition (Squat, Bench, Deadlift, or Curl), a Platform if defined, and a count which allows you define the number of competitors for display.

Flight Display Setup form

By pressing the "Process" button, the Flight Display form appears, refreshing every 15 seconds, and displays the Platform (if defined), Name, Body Weight, Attempt Amount, Attempt #, and Flight #. The list is in order of Platform, Flight #, Attempt, Body Weight, and Order # (which is the number set by pressing the 'Prepare' buttons on the Event form).

Flight Display

To appear on the display, the competitor, first of all must be assigned to a flight corresponding to the specified competition, must not be disqualified, must have a status of active, and finally a pending attempt specified within the Events feature.