The standings feature will offer additional assistance to the competitors with respect to the convenience of vital information as well as offer additional entertainment to the attending audience, and move powerlifting events from primarily a participant sport to a spectator sport as well.

Just select option '7. Display Standings' through the Event menu on a dedicated computer workstation connected to a device such as an overhead projector to display up to the minute scores and standings,

Standings Report

and you're on your way to conducting a spectacle for all to witness as opposed to just running a meet.

The standings list will display each group of lifters competing for coveted trophies in a rotating manner pausing to allow suspense to build through out the venue. This list may be as broad as the entire event or as narrow as a specific flight. No more looking out at an audience feeled with glassy eyes waiting for their loved ones to take center stage. Your audience will be in tune and on the edge of their seats watching the strategy of each competitor unfold.