Weight Classes...

Enter all of your event's weight classes through the Divisions and Weight Classes form by choosing option '1. Setup Divisions and Weight Classes' from the Event menu.  Just select the Weight Classes tab if it is not already selected.

Weight Classes

This form displays the weight class in pounds (lb) and kilos, and the status.  The status determines whether or not it will be available during the competitor registration process and will be either "A" for Active or "I" for Inactive.  Press 4.0 will default this value to "A" during the entry process.

Note that the standard weight classes are provided with Press 4.0 for your convenience.

To add a weight class, press the Add button.  The Weight Class Entry dialog will appear.

Weight Class Entry

The Status defaults to Active.  Click on the Weight radio button, if not already selected, and enter the Weight Class in the designated fields. You may enter the weight class in either pounds (lb) or kilos, by which Press 4.0 will convert accordingly.  Also, be sure to enter a weight class via the "Super Heavy Weight" option to allow for all those attention getters at your meet.

To delete a weight class, just select the weight class from the list and press the Delete button.  Press 4.0 requires you to confirm this request, and it will not allow you to delete a weight class if it is currently assigned to a competitor.

To edit a weight class, just select the weight class from the list and press the Edit button.

Finally, press the Close button to close the form, or just leave it open and go to other features.  If other features are already open, you can retrieve those features normally, or you can return to them via the Windows menu option.