Network Environment...

The following guide describes a procedure I used to network some computers for use by the Announcer, Expeditor, Flight Display, Bar Loaders, and Standings Display. If you are having difficulty configuring your network, feel free to contact me!

  1. Connect two or more computers to a switch using cat 5 cable, and ethernet cards, or wireless devices.
  2. If necessary, define static IP addresses in each computer such as through, although the networking equipment should configure this automatically
  3. Install the application on each workstation which creates a folder called c:\program files\whitelights software\press and copies "press.exe" and the database in this folder. Also, the Borland Database Engine is installed and registered as well.
  4. Enable file sharing on the database folder, such as c:\program files\whitelights software\press, of that workstation that provides the database.
  5. Map a drive letter on each workstation to the "c:\program files\whitelights software\press" folder that will provide the database.
  6. On the workstations that will not provide the database, go to the ODBC Administrator within Control Panel, click on the System DSN tab, click on 'Press' and press Configure, press Select, and change the database to the workstation hosting the database, which is your newly mapped drive letter.
  7. Finally, run the application on each workstation. A different workstation may be setup for Announcing lifters and recording judgements, Expediting competitors by recording next attempts, determining disqualifications, printing flight sheets and results, etc., Displaying standings for the competitors and the audience to see, Displaying flights for those in the warmup room, and Displaying bar loading information for those working on the platforms.