Some Testimonials...

  • "Thanks! I just wanted to thank you for assisting me with the sofware. We ran our meet today and it went well. The software is user friendly and by using it for our meet was the best decision! Thanks again, ladawn mcday"
  • "Hi Don, Just wanted to tell you that the software worked great at our teenage power meet on Saturday. Made things so much easier with the flights, best lifters, top team. Thanks! Rick"
  • "Great program, 91 lifters and not one issue.. thanks, Doug"
  • "Don, Everything went great last Saturday; in fact, I'd say everything went perfect for the first time I directed a meet---thanks in large part to your program, Nick"
  • "This year I spent more time working with this software before putting on a push pull event. And I wanted to comment that the software worked great. It was extremely satisfying to put on a meet that ran extremely smooth, quick, and error free. Plus the price is extremely reasonable. Customer service is outstanding. I will definitely recommend it to other meet directors. Diane"
  • "Don: The meet went great!!! ...the Central Office were entirely impressed, especially when I had the complete report verified (card results with Press results) and printed out for awards within 3 min. after the last lift. All I needed to do was to compare the sub-totals after the bench with the score cards, the comparing the final totals was a breeze. They wanted to do the best lifter by hand, so I just let them. After they spent an hour and a half doing it by hand, I just printed out the results from "Press." Shocked them to say the least. ...I rather expect some calculation errors on their part. Anyway, a lot of people from around the world went away totally impressed with your program and it's capabilities. Tim"
  • "Hi Don: The program is running great... Thanks! Nadine"
  • "A handful of us are trying to vastly improve the quality of meets for the Minnesota USAPL. So far our efforts have been very well received and your software can take much of the credit. Your software:
    - speeds up the meet
    - increases accuracy
    - helps the audience (standings)
    - helps the lifters (up to the minute flight info)
    - really shines at award time (dramatically speeds up the process)... Tom"
  • "The competition ran smoothly and the software really helped us out this year. We had over 80 bench pressers and when the competition was done so was the scoring. Last year we spent about 1.5 hours tallying the scores, which did not make for a happy crowd... Bob"
  • "I am from Switzerland. Your software is very useful. I have just tested the demo. Sincerely Markus"

A Sneek Peek...


We designed this Revolutionary Powerlifting Round System software to make organizing and running your next power event quick and efficient. You can See It by browsing its essential features, Get It by downloading the full version with one small limitation, then Max Out for a low price and unlock the magnificance that only Press 4.0 can bring to directing your events. Refer to the Guide for a detailed description of each feature.

A Sneek Peek of Press 4.0 for Windows...